Saturday, December 21, 2013

Creating Integrated weblogic Server Domain - Step by Step

This is a subsequent post for Jdeveloper installation. As soon as Jdeveloper installed, we need to create an integrated Weblogic server.
By creating integrated Weblogic server domain we can test the application locally, so productivity will increase, and easier to debug the web applications.
  1. Open JDeveloper and select the “Default Role” and click ok.
  1. Once JDeveloper is open. From “Run” menu, select the “Start Server Instance (InegratedWeblgicServer)

  1. This will prompt to credential’s, just Enter password and click ok.

  1. This will create a domain and start the domain as well. While starting domain it will prompt to firewalls blocking security select the private network and click “Allow access”

  1. That’s it. The integrated Weblogic server will be starting soon. Once it’s started status will show in the log.
Happy learning…. ☺

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