Saturday, April 20, 2013

Creating Data Objects in BAM Server

Defining Data Objects is a common requirement and its simple.
Data objects are defined using Oracle BAM Architect. For creating data objects in BAM server  these are the steps.
    1.       Use internet Explorer Browser to login Oracle BAM.

    2.       Enter credentials of Oracle BAM server
Username: weblogic(or match with user configurations) .
Password: welcome1 (or match with user configurations).

    3.       Once you successfully login, able to see the Oracle BAM server console like below diagram.  

    4.       For creating “Data Object” click on Architect tab.

    5.       In Oracle BAM Architect page, click Create Data Object link for creating Data object.

     6.       Enter a name for the Data Object as BAM_Composite_DO.

    7.       Select a Location for new Data Object using Browse option. Here select Samples Folder then click ok.

    8.       Optionally enter some description, and add fields to capture data from mediator in SOA composite application.
In PO Processing application case, to capture primary details of each PO information .create fields as showed in bellow by clicking Add a filed Link.

    9.       Click Create Data Object when you are finished adding columns.
    10.  Click Continue button after New Data Object "/Samples/BAM_Composite_DO" has been created.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Creating BAM Server connection at Design Time

You must create a connection to an Oracle BAM Server to browse the available data objects and construct transformations while you are designing your applications in Oracle JDeveloper.

Create a Connection to an Oracle BAM Server

Create a connection to an Oracle BAM Server to browse data objects available on that server.
    1.       In JDeveloper, from File menu click New.

    2.       From the General category, choose Connections and from Items select BAM Connection
Click ok

    3.       Ensure that Application Resources is selected, provide a name for the connection as BAMServerConnectionPO and click Next.

    4.       Enter the connection information about the Oracle BAM Server host.

BAM Web Host: localhost.
BAM Sarver Host: localhost
User Name:Enter the Oracle BAM Server user name (weblogic).
Password: Enter the Password of user name (welcome1).
HTTP Port: 9001
JNDI Port: 9001
Uses HTTPS: uncheck

      5.       Click Next.

     6.       Test the connection use Test Connection button, If the connection was successful, the following message appears in wizard.

   7.       Once test was successful click Finish.