Saturday, February 23, 2013

Configuring Oracle BAM Adapter Properties

I will start with configuration of Oracle BAM Adapter properties
To configure Oracle BAM connection factories:      

1.      Go to the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console (http://host_name:port_number/console), and log on.

2.      In the Domain Structure menu, select Deployments.

      3. In the Deployments summary table, search for OracleBamAdapter and click it.

4.        In the Settings for oracle-bam-adapter page, select the Configuration tab, and then the Outbound Connection Pools tab in the second row.

5.      Configure the connection factory interface that you intend to use in Oracle JDeveloper, by expanding the appropriate Group and Instance target and clicking the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) name.

6.      To configure the connection factory for RMI-based calls, click to expand the oracle.bam.adapter.adc.RMIConnectionFactory group and select the JNDI name that the user uses in Oracle JDeveloper. The eis/bam/rmi connection factory is provided out of the box.

7.      To configure the connection factory for SOAP-based calls, click to expand the oracle.bam.adapter.adc.SOAPConnectionFactory group and select the JNDI name that the user uses in Oracle JDeveloper. The eis/bam/soap connection factory is provided out of the box.

8.      Configure each of the properties by clicking in the table cells and entering the values. For both RMI and SOAP

Note: Use Enter key to save values

Hostname       :     local host (host name of BAM server)

Instance Name:   ADCServer1 (default for RMI)

Password           :  welcome1 (password of BAM server)

Port Number      : 9001(port number of BAM server)

Username           : weblogic (user name of BAM server)

9.      Save setting use save button.

10.  After saving it need to re-deploy OracleBAMAdaper, In deployments select OracleBAMAdapter click Update button. 

11.   On Update Application Assistance page select re-deploy show the deployment plan file   click Next.

12.  On next page click Finish.

13.  Once you done, BAM Adapter configurations completed.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oracle BAM Quick Learning

Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (Oracle BAM) is a complete
solution for building interactive, real-time dashboards and proactive
alerts for monitoring business processes and services.

Oracle BAM provides a framework for:-
1. Creating dashboards that display real-time data inflow.
2.Creating rules to send alerts under specified conditions.

I would like to share my knowledge share publicly.Were I decided to write this blog.
Here I have designed simple BAM labs to learn quick and easy way.

Happy Learning J

Please comment me is need some more information.